This year has brought challenges to all of us, and for music tutors it has been a time of both frustration and innovation. Thanks to platforms such as Zoom, Whatsapp and Jitsi we at Music Makes You have continued to provide quality tuition despite the distance, and this is something we will continue to provide as the future rolls out.

We have integrated the online model with our tradition model of teaching and, as a result, we can offer lessons to anyone, from anywhere. Here is Brian Acton, guitar tutor and a director of MMY…

“I’ve been able to use online storage, screen sharing and high quality audio equipment to engage with learners on many levels. In some ways, I’ve found that there is a better record of development, although I dearly miss the ability to jam with students! My availability has improved too! I have been able to teach late in the evening (one mum I teach has to wait for her Duracell toddler to run out of batteries), and I was even able to teach from Berlin, where I have been living for 6 weeks!”


Like most things, there are pros and cons… Online lessons can be greatly improved by the following things…

  1. a good internet connection
  2. a quality audio interface
  3. a dedicated space
  4. preparation

We’ve created this document to help you get the most from your time in an online lesson.