Music and performance workshops are a great way to share knowledge and learn new skills, as well as being a fantastic way of bringing people together.

If you’d like to talk to us about what we can bring to your school or organisation, get in touch. You’ll find that we have plenty of great ideas to fire your imagination.

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The Calderdale Fantasy Orchestra is a large ensemble of professional and amateur instrumentalists and singers, led by the inspirational David Insua-Cao. The orchestra plays a huge range of material from Beyoncé to Bowie, Hendrix to the Human League, with film soundtracks and experimental music keeping things lively and totally unpredictable.

It is irreverent, joyful and supportive.

It is the antidote to performance anxiety.

It is the Fantasy Orchestra.

This Summer, the Fantasy Orchestra is creating a youth orchestra and choir, in partnership with Music Makes You. The Calderdale Fantasy orchestra has an ethos of experimentation, improvisation and having fun, plus learning tunes that are not often associated with orchestras and choirs. The youth orchestra and choir will have the same ethos of experimentation and fun, as well as being an education in music collaboration and performance.

To kick things off, we are arranging our first Summer School from the 1st – 4th August. On the 5th of August the Calderdale Fantasy Orchestra has a concert at The Circle in Bacup, and the Fantasy Youth will perform before the orchestra that evening, and then for an explosive finale the youth orchestra will join the old(er) orchestra to make an ensemble of 100 musicians.

The Summer School will be hosted in Todmorden, where the Fantasy Orchestra have their rehearsals. There will be six workshop leaders focusing on choir, rhythm section, percussion, brass, woodwind and strings. A small repertoire of six songs will be arranged, with parts ranging from ‘very easy’ to intermediate, so that everyone is welcome.

What happens after the summer?

When it all goes superbly we would like to continue the youth orchestra and choir throughout the school term, playing great music, and at the same time lining it up in parallel with the school music curriculum. We will continue the ethos of experimentation, improvisation, noted-reading, ensemble playing and collaborating together. All of these social and musical skills will raise the standard of musicianship, community relations and develop your child into a brilliant person….

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The Nºthing Factory – June/July 2023 – Collaborative outdoor electronic music workshops in Calderdale, supported by Hebden Royd Town Council.

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